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Amicus Briefs

As part of Florida NELA's mission to promote the interest of individual employees and assisting the lawyers who represent them, Florida NELA files amicus curiae briefs in cases before Florida's District Courts of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court, which involve matters of significance relating to employment and civil rights. Specifically, Florida NELA is interested and seeks to support the issues listed herein. Please contact Florida NELA's amicus coordinator, Richard E. Johnson, if you are facing one of these important legal issues. Additions to this list are welcome, as are questions about what is presented here.

Brief Name Counsel for Amicus Court Case No. Filing Date
Gelfand & Arpe, P.A. and Mary C. Arpe v. Home Quality Management, Inc. Richard E. Johnson Eleventh Circuit 05-14538-JJ 10/22/2005
Ernie Harie Ford, Inc. v. Benjamin Atkinson Richard E. Johnson Erika Deutsch Rotbart Second DCA, 2D09-1530 6/29/2010
Jennifer Bach v. United Parcel Service, Inc. Richard E. Johnson Supreme Court SC01-2598 07/11/2002
Manoher R. Bearelly, M.C. v. State of Florida, Department of Corrections John C. Davis First DCA 1D02-2139 07/29/2002
Charlene M. Bifulco v. Patient Business & Financial Services, Inc. John C. Davis Supreme Court SC09-172 08/06/2009
James W. Bruner v. GC-GW, Inc. d/b/a Jackson-Cook Richard E. Johnson First DCA 1D03-3775 12/08/2003
Marian L. Bryant v. Florida School for the Deaf and Blind Richard E. Johnson First DCA 1D10-853 10/24/2011
Amy Carsillo v. City of Lake Worth Travis R. Hollifield Fourth DCA FD07-4236 02/12/2008
Linda Rice Chapman v. State of Florida, Dept. of Health & Rehabilitative Services; Secretary Kathleen Kearney, in her official capacity; and Morton Laitner, in his individual capacity Richard E. Johnson Third DCA 3D003342 & 3D01-789 08/09/2001
Peggy S. Cisko v. Phoenix Medical Products, Inc. Archibald J. Thomas Second DCA 00-3113 11/17/2000
Elaine E. Dahl v. Eckerd Family Youth Alternatives, Inc., a Florida Corporation d/b/a Eckerd Youth Development Center Frederick W. Ford Second DCA 2D02-1383 06/02/2002
Myrtle Dawkins v. Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc. T.A. Delegal Eleventh Circuit 99-12142-1 07/01/2000
Donovan Amicus David Spalter     05/01/2007
Florida State University Board of Trustees v. John A. Esposito Richard E. Johnson First DCA 1D07-2316 09/19/2007
Denise Farmer v. United Space Alliance LLC and Lockheed Martin Space Operations Company Richard E. Johnson Eleventh Circuit 02-12966J 07/15/2002
Kevin Gaberlavage v. Miami-Dade County Richard E. Johnson Third DCA 3D12-13 03/26/2012
Jeffrey Gallagher v. Manatee County Frederick W. Ford Second DCA 2D04-3724 10/01/2004
Victor Ginsberg and Elaine Scarfo v. Allstate Insurance Co. Richard E. Johnson Supreme Court SC00-2614 03/01/2001
Nicholas V. Klonis v. State of Florida, Department of Revenue Richard E. Johnson First DCA 99-3736 01/06/2000
Virginia Little v. Foster Wheeler Constructors, Inc. Jesse L. Skipper Eleventh Circuit 10-12960-B 08/27/2010
Janet Maggio v. Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security John C. Davis Supreme Court SC04-755 06/01/2004
Department of Children and Families, State of Florida, and Florida Statewide Advocacy Council v. Margaret Rosa Richard E. Johnson First DCA 1D06-2853 11/22/2006
Sean St. Louis v. Florida International University Board of Trustees William Amlong Erika Deutsch Rotbart Third DCA 3D08-2316, 3D08-2326 01/12/2009
Yoder Brothers, Inc. v. James Weygant Richard E. Johnson Second DCA 2D06-1935 08/03/2006
Cordette Woodham v. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc. Richard E. Johnson Archibald J. Thomas Supreme Court SC01-2160 11/15/2001
Adolfo Zamora v. Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees Richard E. Johnson Fourth DCA 4D06-3042 01/08/2007

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