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To find an active member, use the form below to select your search criteria. Before choosing a lawyer, ask for written information about the lawyer's legal qualifications and experience. The member information provided on this website is provided and managed by each member. Florida NELA makes no representations as to the accuracy of the information provided.

Lawyer Name Lawyer Firm Options
Martha Bolton Martha Bolton Martha D. Bolton, Esq. E-Mail Martha
Christopher Saba Christopher Saba Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A. E-Mail Christopher
Brandon Hill Brandon Hill Wenzel Fenton & Cabassa P.A. E-Mail Brandon
Adria Silva Adria Silva The Law Office of Adria Lynn Silva, L.L.C. E-Mail Adria
Dan Watkins Dan Watkins Sugarman and Susskind P.A. E-Mail Dan
Derek Usman Derek Usman The Usman Law Firm, P.A. E-Mail Derek
Allison Duffie Allison Duffie Scott Wagner and Associates, P.A. E-Mail Allison
Tamra Givens Tamra Givens Burr & Smith E-Mail Tamra
Heathher Meglino Heathher Meglino E-Mail Heathher
Lauren Robertson Lauren Robertson Jill S. Schwartz and Associates, P.A. E-Mail Lauren
Ryon McCabe Ryon McCabe McCabe Rabin, P.A E-Mail Ryon
P.J. Downyok P.J. Downyok Downyok Law Firm E-Mail P.J.
Rachael Wood Rachael Wood Burr & Smith, LLP E-Mail Rachael
Jack Merritt Jack Merritt Merritt Sanderson PA E-Mail Jack
Michael MacNamara Michael MacNamara Marie A. Mattox, P.A. E-Mail Michael
Eric Lindstrom Eric Lindstrom Egan, Lev & Siwica, P.A. E-Mail Eric
Noah Warman Noah Warman Sugarman & Susskind E-Mail Noah
Lauren Strickland Lauren Strickland Marie A. Mattox, P.A. E-Mail Lauren
Dan Watkins Dan Watkins Sugarman and Susskind P.A. E-Mail Dan
Robin Orosz Robin Orosz Florin Roebig, P.A. E-Mail Robin
Genevieve Napolitano Genevieve Napolitano Cathleen Scott and Associates E-Mail Genevieve
Jacob Auerbach Jacob Auerbach Anidjar Auerbach Law LLC E-Mail Jacob
James Poindexter James Poindexter Delegal Law Offices, P.A. E-Mail James
Gary Printy Gary Printy Printy & Printy PA E-Mail Gary
Michelle Murray Michelle Murray Scott Wagner and Associates, P.A. E-Mail Michelle
Michael Schuette Michael Schuette John Bales E-Mail Michael
Alison Churly-Davis Alison Churly-Davis The Amlong Firm. E-Mail Alison
Anthony Falzon Anthony Falzon Simon, Schindler & Sandberg LLP E-Mail Anthony
Chelsea Bellew Chelsea Bellew Scott Wagner & Associates E-Mail Chelsea
Amber Karns Amber Karns Starzyk & Associates, P.C. E-Mail Amber
Charlotte Kelly Charlotte Kelly Fernee Kelly Law E-Mail Charlotte
Noah Storch Noah Storch Celler Legal, P.A. E-Mail Noah
Adam Ellis Adam Ellis Marie A. Mattox, P.A. E-Mail Adam
Adam Rabin Adam Rabin McCabe Rabin, P.A. E-Mail Adam
Karla Martinez Karla Martinez Florida Legal Services, Inc. E-Mail Karla
Stephanie Myron Stephanie Myron Scott Wagner & Associates, PA E-Mail Stephanie
William Kitchen William Kitchen Marie A. Mattox, P.A. E-Mail William
Shanna Austin Shanna Austin Law Office of David B. Sacks E-Mail Shanna
Richard Celler Richard Celler Celler Legal E-Mail Richard
Elena Komsky Elena Komsky marie a. mattox, p.a. E-Mail Elena
Robert Brock II Robert Brock II Law Office of Robert W. Brock II, PLLC E-Mail Robert
Marc Edelman Marc Edelman Morgan & Morgan E-Mail Marc
Julia Garrett Julia Garrett Law Office of Lowell J. Kuvin E-Mail Julia
Teresa Herrmann Teresa Herrmann Lytle & Barszcz E-Mail Teresa
Tammy Page Tammy Page Butcher & Associates, P.L. E-Mail Tammy
Jennifer Parker Jennifer Parker Cathleen Scott & Associates, P.A. E-Mail Jennifer
Bradford Herter Bradford Herter E-Mail Bradford
Robert Norell Robert Norell Robert S. Norell, P.A. E-Mail Robert
Amanda Ellen Clay Amanda Ellen Clay Spielberger Law Group E-Mail Amanda Ellen
Elizabeth Peskin Elizabeth Peskin Marie A. Mattox, P.A. E-Mail Elizabeth
Manuel Rodrigues Manuel Rodrigues Endurtech E-Mail Manuel
Gary Printy Gary Printy Printy & Printy E-Mail Gary
Adam Stetson Adam Stetson Marie A. Mattox, P.A. E-Mail Adam
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