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In order to qualify as a member of Florida NELA, you must represent employees in at least 50% of your practice. Membership requires payment of dues and approval by the membership committee.

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. This membership provides you with voting rights, eligibility to hold office and access Florida NELA's listserve. This also entitles you to a $25 discount on annual dues for the National Employment Lawyers Association.
. This membership is comprised of members of the Florida Bar, law students and professors not eligible for regular membership and who do not primarily or exclusively represent employers in employment matters. Associate Members are not eligible to vote, hold office or access the listserve.

* Unless otherwise notified, we will automatically renew your membership, with dues payable on or before May 1st, of each year.

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Participation in our confidential listserve is NOT automatic with membership. You must request access by providing a Listserve E-Mail Address, from which you wish to send and receive listserve messages, in the field below and await approval from our board. It may be identical or different from the e-mail address you entered under your contact details above.

By entering and submitting a Listserve E-Mail Address you certify that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of membership and listserve privileges as set forth in our By-Laws and Listserve Chat Rules.

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