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Law Student at Quinnipiac University

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3L Law Student, sitting for the July '23 Florida Bar. Currently seeking employment in Miami-Dade.

Practice Areas

Age Discrimination, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Appellate, Attorneys Fees, Career Service, Civil Service, Class Action, Constitutional Law, Defamation, Disability Rights, EEOC Practice, Employee Benefits, Employee Pensions, Employment Agreements, Employment Contracts, ERISA, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Federal Court Practice, Federal Employees, Gender Discrimination, International Employment Law, Labor Law, Mediator, National Origin Discrimination, Non-Compete Agreements, Occupational Safety, Personal Injury, Privacy, Professional License Defense, Public Employees, Public Pensions, Public School Teacher Disciplinary Appeal, Race Discrimination, Reemployment Rights Act, Religious Discrimination, RICO, Section 1981, Section 1983, Severance, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Orientation, Social Security, State FEP Agencies, Title IX, Title VII, Trade Secrets, Unemployment Compensation, Uniform Services Employment Act, Wage and Hour, Whistleblower, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Termination


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Southern District


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ADDRESS: 31 Locke Drive North Haven, Connecticut 06473

PHONE: (120) 344-4240


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